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Marketing Commercial Property on LinkedIn

Posted: November 02, 2018 by Anna Jotham

When it comes to your social media marketing strategy, LinkedIn can be a powerful tool in helping you market commercial property. Much more than a place where distant friends connect and swap photos, LinkedIn is the most active social network for business. It makes sense, then, that LinkedIn should play an integral role when it’s time to market commercial real estate.


LinkedIn: a powerful tool for marketing commercial real estate

When it’s time to market commercial property, connecting with business owners and entrepreneurs is essential. That’s why LinkedIn provides a great platform for commercial property listings to get exposure. More than that, it’s an ideal online resource for generating leads and, of course, building your business. In the end it’s about getting attention from the right people, so whether you’re leasing a property or listing a commercial property for sale, LinkedIn offers the opportunity to connect directly with those who are in the market for just what you’re offering.


Here are some effective ways to market commercial property on LinkedIn.

Deploy a content strategy

If you haven’t already, it’s time to develop and execute a content strategy. What does that mean? It means sharing and developing content related to your expertise that your target audience values and can use. You can post a link from your blog or website or publish directly to LinkedIn’s publishing platform. This positions you as a trusted expert in the field, but also directs traffic to your LinkedIn page or website. The key here is to get leads, so provide the most robust content, such as an eBook or other downloadable resource, in exchange for an email sign-up.


Tag and engage

Engagement means more eyes are on your message. So be engaged, and get others engaged. Be sure to call upon coworkers and colleagues by tagging them in the digital space, when you post a related comment or article. You may want to tag existing tenants you wish to highlight. Or you might consider tagging influencers in your network to increase your reach. Just keep in mind that you want to be respectful and appropriate in your tagging and engagement.


Connect your personal and company page

When your personal LinkedIn page and your company page are linked as your place of employment, that increases your reach as well.


Consider paid campaigns

Paid campaigns on LinkedIn are a strategy all their own—but they’re something you should definitely consider when developing your overall marketing strategy. A paid campaign can give you the power to target your posts to people with specific job titles, audience size, company size, industry and location…and much more. The bottom line: this can help you achieve laser precision in your target marketing.


Get in the right groups

LinkedIn has myriad groups, many of which may include vast numbers of the people you are trying to reach. Get in on the group action. Then listen to what people are saying and join the conversation. Be sure to showcase yourself in your area of expertise, and share valuable content the audience may be looking for. Stay on topic and don’t spam, lest you be banned by the group admin.


Linking in with the right people to market commercial real estate

When it’s time to connect with the people you most want to reach to market commercial real estate, LinkedIn can be a powerful tool. Put these ideas to work for you to beef up your social presence on the platform, and use it to increase your visibility and the visibility of the properties you want to lease or sell.

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